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This digital business kit (DBK) is a collection of information, tips, case studies and advice on how digital technologies can create real benefits for the small to medium enterprises and not for profit organisations within the manufacturing industry.

Designed as an introduction to the possibilities that digital technologies offer businesses, the kit contains information across 6 modules full of useful information and tips from companies who have found real success in integrating new digital technology within the operations and management of their businesses.

Why not jump right in with our Getting started module to get a feel for what’s on offer. If you register your participation with the kit you open up more features to help you track, explore and manage you progress on your profile page, you can also invite colleagues to share the learning experience and form a DBK group for your company.

Whether you are just starting out or already making great strides using technology to enhance your business you are sure to find something within this DBK to improve your company’s processes, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line through the smart use of digital business solutions.

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Its a trillion dollar evolution. Get it connected and be connected. Are you ready for the "Internet of Things"? The game is on..

This scorecard helps to identify which areas from Sales, Debtors, Stock, Expense and Payroll are in need of improvement and provides practical tactics for each area for the business to review.
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What are the key advantages of obtaining and responding to customer feedback?
Due to the fact that customers have no real understanding of how the products they purchase are made, it is unlikely they will be able to provide any helpful feedback.
Without customers, we have no business. Listening and responding to customer feedback results in heightened sales, improved customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.
Customers are able to project many years out for what will be required in the market place. This helps a business plan for the future and make valuable judgement calls.
Customers know more about the manufacturing process than anyone else. It is important to listen to their suggestions and make radical business changes accordingly.
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