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Supply Chain Management

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Customer service

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Managing the relationships you develop with your customers is a vitally important aspect of any business and there is a raft of digital technologies which have been developed to help with how you approach this. Customer Relationship Management could be interpreted as a way to manage the relationship you have with your customers. While this is a shallow definition of CRM, it points however in the right direction, it’s all about the way you do your business so that you gain, keep and maintain a good relationship with existing and future customers. Refer to a full breakdown of CRM in the Sales and Marketing Module of this Digital Business Kit.

How to engage with your customer more effectively

Every business has unique opportunities to create meaningful connections with their customers every day. The idea, of course, is to embrace customers, offering exceptional value with each touch point. Within customer service, if the team serves as an advocate for every customer, building trust along the way, loyalty often comes along for the ride. Engage well with your customers and enjoy long and financially beneficial relationships. Australian companies Salmat and CRM Australia offer expert services in customer service development.

Listening to your customers

To succeed with all customers, social and more traditional, companies need to create and maintain consistency of experience across all channels. A complete interaction experience goes well beyond just listening to your customer. It branches out to action, enablement and empowerment. Not only do companies need to learn how to interact well with customers using all channels; from the phone to social media, they also need to create experiences for the customer that deliver real value in exchange for time, attention, actions, information, and anything else that companies want from customers. See more at .